SMC SCHALI® for normalizing serotonin balance

SCHALI® Silicone Mineral Complex (SMC)

SMC SCHALI® is a medical product made in form of silicone necklace and intended to promote therapeutical effect in complex and adjuvant treatments, accelerating recovery time.
SMC SCHALI® invasively recovers human serotonin – one of the most abundant neurotransmitters - which controls such integrated functions as behaviour, sleep, memory, dietary habits, and mood.
SMC SCHALI® is a medical product of non-medicamentous and non-invasive action aimed at supporting human serotonin receptors function and improving cellular energy exchange.
In contact to naturally warm human skin (36.6°C), SMC SCHALI® - which core contains QD SCHALI® titanium (TiO2) hereto-crystals of a distinct class - triggers a catalytic reaction, resulting in emission of energy and energy transfer back to human body. The energy is transferred by neurons and transformed into action potential, which promotes function of serotonin receptors and therefore helps in restoring human serotonin balance.
QD SCHALI® hereto-crystals in SMC SCHALI® core are made of natural environment-friendly minerals and do not penetrate into the skin.
QD SCHALI® hereto-crystals are made of in a special technologic process destructured titanium dioxide (TiO2) mineral ore, active particles of which are capable of generating reactive oxygen species, while exposed to light and heat under certain conditions.

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SMC SCHALI® medical product

Not energizer, but a tool for energy generation and energy transfer to human body


SMC SCHALI® is a medical product intended to promote human serotonin receptors function and recover serotonin balance.

Re-balanced level of serotonin, which is contained in the Central Nervous System, internals and platelets, contributes to better functional condition of all human organs and systems, significantly accelerating regenerative processes in damaged tissues, slowing down pathological processes, and preventing eventual adverse effects of pharmaceutical drugs.
Clinical manifestations of acute emotional stress after a traumatic experience
Improving stress-resistance and self-control, relieving emotional tension (dread, phobia, fear of flying etc.), alleviating irritability, despair.
Chronic and tension-type headaches
Relieving tension-type headache and migraine, contributing to better mood.
Blood pressure disorders
Normalizing blood pressure (arterial hyper- or hypotension), contributing to better memory, vision and coordination, supporting brain functional and cardiovascular condition, increasing performance and stamina.
Stroke conditions
Improving cerebral circulation and relieving dizziness, relieving headaches and eye irritations, preventing nausea and vomit, alleviating tinnitus, stuffiness in ears, numb limbs, cramps, faints, improving attention, ability to concentrate and memory.
Bruise and soft tissues trauma
Lowering pain sensation, alleviating muscular pains and pains in soft tissues, improving blood and lymph supply, reducing hematoma, swellings and redness.
Spinal pains in degenerative disc disease conditions (dorsopathy, osteochondritis)
Alleviating spinal, shoulder and chest pains, relieving neck pains and headaches, restoring joints flexibility and free motion, reducing muscle twitching in arms and chest.
Peripheral neuropathy conditions
Reducing symptoms of peripheral neuropathy manifestations (pains, numbness, tingle, high or low local sensation), movement dysfunction (weakness, limited movements in limbs, facial muscles and eyes), vegetative dysfunction (dry or wet skin in palms and feet, cold limbs).
Intestinal motility disorders
Supporting gastrointestinal tract function, relieving motility, digestion and absorption disorders related to broken humoral regulation and CNS dysfunction.
Low activity and vigour
Restoring vital activity and vigour, alleviating fatigue, depression, weakness, increasing performance and stamina, improving sleep and energy recreation.
Sexual problems
Improving libido and sexual activity, restoring and boosting sexual desire, enhancing orgasmic satisfaction, alleviating symptomatic sexual dysfunction conditions, promoting erectile function and preventing premature ejaculation in males.
Cardiovascular disease conditions
Stabilizing heartrate, relieving symptomatic manifestations (weakness, dizziness, hypertension, pains in chest, swellings, shortness of breath, vomiting, travel sickness etc.), and alleviating tachycardia, stenocardia, poor blood supply conditions.

Mechanism of Action


  • Well-balanced level of main human neurotransmitter
  • Better cellular energy exchange
  • Regular use results in better quality of life and vigour

Method of Use

  • 1
    Use the product continuously, do not remove for night time or while sleeping
  • 2
    The product is waterproof and resistant to temperature drop
  • 3
    Compatible to pharmaceutical drugs
  • 4
    Duration of application course is 3 months at least
  • 5
    Relief from symptoms is to expect within 30 min
  • 6
    Feeling of warmth in the contact site is a normal reaction and needs no product removal
  • 7
    Do not use while sunbathed
  • 8
    Prohibited wearing the product in sauna, steam bath and solarium


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