SCHALI® Group is the leader of high-technology pharmaceutical production

SCHALI® Group of Companies ties up European pharma-manufacturers, specialized in laboratory analytical researches and production of drug actives, medications, biochemical compounds, and development of innovative technologies of sub-nano-encapsulation (below 1 nm) for better bio-availability and new modality of administration of drugs.

Our Services

Advice and development of methods of validation on pharmaceutical production, short-term and long-term stability studies, interaction studies and bioanalytical research.
R&D on technologies of pharmaceutical production of drug compounds and preparations of a new generation in conformity with GMP standards and ISO 9001:2008, API qualification.
Development of drug formulations, medical products, and help in implementation of SCHALI® production technologies for pharmaceutical manufacturers.
Pharmaceutical laboratory analytical research, development of new methods and techniques of treatment, medical products, appliances and devices.

SCHALI® Personal Pharma will help you to strengthen traditional treatments with innovative products SCHALI®

SCHALI® Technologies

Photosensitizing Technology

SCHALI® Group of Companies has developed and successfully applies unique photodynamic techniques based on photosynthesis of active oxygen forms by heterocrystalline oxides of biocompatible metals (QD SCHALI®) for affecting numerous pathogenic conditions, particularly in scope of treatment of focal tumors, trophic inflammations, metabolic disorders, viz. syndromes related to incomplete oxidation.

Among one of the first pharma-manufacturers, SCHALI® Group of Companies has developed and produced QD SCHALI® - heterocrystalline titanium dioxide and silicon dioxide – non-aggregative, non-toxic compounds that are used in formulations of composite drug complexes with targeted delivery in the form of SCHALI®-T (TiO2), SCHALI®-S (SiO2) aqueous suspensions, so called colloid solution, and medical and personal hygiene care products made of SCHALI® T/10-S, SCHALI® S/5-S etc.

Sorption Assembling and Complexing Technology

SCHALI® Group of Companies is involved in research and development of chiral resolution techniques, that enable creation of composite complexes of drug actives of a new modality of administration for more preside and targeted delivery to human cells. In some cases, complexes are separated in a more or less pure form and used as crystalline compounds (drug and aromatic complexes), whereas in other cases the complexation is just a transient phase and is obvious through its final result (catalysis, separation of mixtures.)

Composite complexation enables obtaining a physically and chemically stable matrix for making further “sandwiches” with those drug actives that earlier thought to be unfit for complexation (molecules or functional groups of molecules that are less hydrophilic than water, now may be complexed in presence of water). In this way, pharmacokinetics of pharmaceuticals was changed and incompatibility of ingredients in the end product for a human patient was successfully overcome, resulting in better membrane transport of drugs, better bioavailability (dose reduction), better solubility and dissolution of poorly soluble drugs.

Laser Light Technology

Having enjoyed many years of experience and research in the field of photosynthesis of active oxygen forms by heterocrystalline oxides of biocompatible metals and metalloids, SCHALI® Group of Companies has developed laser light exposure appliances of a new generation for combinatory therapeutic treatment, synergistically improving photodynamic effect and accelerating recovery.

Being exposed to the focused light irradiation of a certain wavelength range and power, QD SCHALI® photosensitizing crystals in formulations of SCHALI® photoactive products are capable of generating active oxygen forms at the same time as they are irradiated by SCHALI® laser appliances and targetly in situ, resulting in manifold synergistically increased therapeutical effect and much shorter treatment time.

Next to medical laser appliances, SCHALI® Group of Companies developed interactive portable personal laser devices for an effective therapeutic treatment in several hundreds of treatment modes at home.

Encapsulation Technology

SCHALI® Group of Companies is specialized in R&D production of cyclodextrins – starch derivatives – cyclic oligosaccharides composed of 6 - 7- or 8 glucose sugar units forming a ring structure. As the result of longtime comprehensive research and a significant breakthrough of fermentation technology, cyclodextrins and their chemically-modified derivatives are now available on a commercial scale and represent a new technological solution for sub-molecular encapsulation: molecules and functional groups of molecules may be encapsulated into a CD cavity. Such formed encapsulated complexes are the essence of molecular hermetic sealing, i.e. molecular packing for a wide range of pharmaceutical, food, agricultural and environmental applications.