SCHALI® products and affiliate programs for consumers

SCHALI® - products are a new generation of innovative health care products of a wide range of applications, which mechanism of action is based on utilisation of active oxygen forms for supporting human energy balance, activating vital powers and promoting main human systems and organs function.

SCHALI® products are intended to boost cellular energy exchange and in this way to improve significantly human vital and energy balance, physical and mental activities, to help in preventing development of malfunctions and disorders, to enhance therapeutic effect of common medicines, when used together, and to accelerate time of treatment.

SCHALI® products

SCHALI® Personal Pharma is a personal health care programme for everyone:

For who?

Healthy and active humans

Improving vital powers and wellbeing at any age and in any health condition: better stamina and vigour at a young age, better productivity and general feeling at a middle age, better quality of life and slower aging at an older age.

Humans, who may have predisposition to certain health disorders

Lowering risk of development of different disorders and activating human defence recourses in case of predisposition.

Patients, who suffer from chronic health conditions

Supporting therapy and preventing complications in numerous health conditions, synergistically improving therapeutic effect of common medicines, when used together, and shortening time of treatment.

Patients in postsurgical rehabilitation

Accelerating and improving postsurgical rehabilitation, contributing to better function of main human systems and organs, preventing relapse and improving quality of life.

SCHALI® products: innovative approach in prevention and treatment of a wide range of human disorders and highly-effective support to a complex therapy.

Course of SCHALI® products is indicated to humans of any age and health condition.

Youth and students
Improving mental activity and immune response, preventing consequences of wrong lifestyle and poor sleep, protecting against harmful electromagnetic emission and environmental impact.
Promoting female sex hormone production and improving psychoemotional state, reducing irritability and lowering risk of gynaecological disorders that may arise because of broken hormone profile.
Restoring and improving libido and sexual function, protecting against urological disorders at any age.
Kids above the age of 3
Inducing immune response, improving both emotional and physical development, promoting integral functions throughout time of intensive growth.
Sports professionals (professional athletes, dancers, contortionists, servicemen and militarians etc.)
Enhancing vital powers and vigour, improving stamina after intensive trainings and overloads, supporting health and psychoemotional state.
Humans, who suffer from hazardous working conditions
Improving cellular regeneration and stamina reserves, inducing immune response.
Officials and businessmen
Improving stress resistance, sleep, emotional state, digestion, supporting brain function for better attention, concentration and productivity.
Promoting metabolism, vascular function, mental activity, lowering down senescence processes and improving quality of life.
Patients in therapy
Improving therapeutic effect of common medicines and treatments, accelerating regeneration, lowering risk of adverse effects of common medicines.

Personalized method of recovery «SCHALI® Personal Pharma» is your personal pharmaceutics!

We’ll do:

Our healthcare specialists will analyse data of your lab tests results and your diagnosis as done by your attending medical doctor and will develop a personal health care programme for you – SCHALI® Personal Pharma, that will not contradict the course of treatment prescribed by your attending medical doctor.

You’ll be able:

You’ll be able to feel better in a short time and to note better therapeutic effects. You’ll be able to have no more fears of adverse effects of common medicines you take and no more fears of eventual complications and relapse.

We’ll do:

We’ll scrutinise your medical case records, evaluate your current condition and eventual risks of complications, and will develop a comprehensive health care programme personally for you, that will be aimed at your soon recovery and wellbeing.

You’ll be able:

You’ll be able to control consequences of your old diseases in a better way, to feel your systems and organs function better. You’ll be able to improve your health condition, vital powers and productivity that may suffer from your diseases, stress and wrong lifestyle over the years.

SCHALI® TITANIUM, SILICIUM, SINGLET is your key to wellbeing!

Your membership in «SCHALI® Personal Pharma» programme opens newest medical achievements and techniques to improve and maintain your health:

«SCHALI® Personal Pharma» program includes

1. Professional online analysis of your personal medical case records
2. Council of medical doctors, if needed
3. «SCHALI® Personal Pharma» is your personal health care programme
4. Your online doctor will monitor current changes in your condition and correct your personal health care programme, if necessary
5. Get an appointment for live chat with your online doctor or his/her assistant
6. Get an appointment with your online doctor and make a live video call
7. Get an appointment for live chat with the healthcare specialist you need
8. Participation in your online doctor’s webinars
9. Access to your «SCHALI® Personal Pharma» personal profile account after completion of your health care programme
10. Save your personal data in your «SCHALI® Personal Pharma» profile account
11. You can improve your personal health care programme achievements and ask for your personal post-programme support
12. «SCHALI® Personal Pharma» health care programme for your friends and relatives
13. You can enjoy a special treatment you need in best health resorts worldwide
14. Online gene test with innovative SCHALI® monitoring software
15. Referral links to promote SCHALI® Personal Pharma health care programme among your friends and relatives

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