Erectile dysfunction: prevention, causes, health improvement
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More and longer. Ways to improve sexual vigour

Admittedly, enjoying sex life is an important part of every man’s existence. Through his sexuality, a man raises his self-esteem, affirms himself, proves his worth, and masculinity. Sex largely determines the quality of life (QoL) and many epidemiological studies point out its direct association with life expectancy in men. One should not believe that sexual life is interesting only for young men, because studies prove that elderly men have a fairly active sex life, as well. At the same time, it should be mentioned that the number of men 20 to 30 years of age experiencing certain problems with sexual vigour is growing every year.


In the risk zone. For whom sexual vigour precautions are recommended

According to the MMAS study, 52 % of men 40 to 70 years of age and practically all men over the age of 70 had erectile dysfunction of varying severity. According to an analysis carried out by Australian scientists, the increase in prevalence of sexual dysfunction was age-related. In this case, it was least likely to occur in men 30 to 39 years of age (rather than 20-29, as one might think). The degree of erectile dysfunction also increased with age. So, severe ED almost did not occur in men under the age of 49, while at the age of 70 to 79 years it was observed in 80 % of cases.

Impotence is not only age-related disease, but it is also associated with hormonal changes in the body and a decrease in the production of the male hormone testosterone. There is a number of indirect, but very important factors that can violate sexual functions in men, reduce erection, and eliminate the feeling of joy and pleasure from sex.

In addition to the above reasons, unhealthy high-calorie nutrition, smoking, alcohol consumption, sedentary lifestyle and obesity, as well as the lack of regular sex life, are considered to be the risk factors. Sexual vigour precautions are indicated to all men, regardless of their age and state of health, who are interested in preserving their male power and sexual activity for many years.


Habits detrimental to sexual vigour

Bad habits adversely effect the functioning of the body in general. They exert their negative influence on different body systems, make a person weak, sickly, and anergic. Meanwhile, it is alcohol and smoking that are considered to be the most pernicious for male potency.



Alcohol affects the male reproductive system in different directions:

  • it exposes the male reproductive glands, as a result of which the level of testosterone production is greatly reduced, which leads to the loss of sexual attraction;
  • reduces the quality of sperm and leads to the destruction of healthy spermatozoa;
  • has a toxic effect on the brain regions, creating serious abnormalities in the pituitary gland.

Ultimately, such disruptions in the body lead to a decrease in libido and premature ejaculation, as well as a hormonal disbalance, which leads to testosterone deficiency.

According to statistics, about a third of men who consumed alcohol lost their male power, and later became sterile. In turn, according to statistical data, the incidence of penile disease in smokers is by 40 % higher than in non-smokers.



Smoking and impotence are closely associated. Various chemical compounds are contained in tobacco smoke, some of which can cause impotence. In addition, cigarettes contain a variety of toxic substances that adversely affect men’s health. A group of American scientists came to a conclusion that men suffering from hypertension experience impotence by 26 times more often than in non-smokers. It is worth mentioning the fact that even in those men who quit smoking, sexual disorders occur more often than in those who have never smoked.

Smoking has a chronic effect on male physiology, gradually suppressing sexual functions. Smoking leads to pathological problems caused by oxygen starvation, damage to the vascular system, and general poisoning of the body.

Smoking causes narrowing of the vessels responsible for ensuring proper blood flow to the penis. As well as alcohol, nicotine exerts a toxic effect on the body, preventing the normal production of male hormones, which leads to a decrease in libido and interest in sexual intercourse. Tobacco smoking has a detrimental effect on the process of spermatogenesis, destroying healthy spermatozoa and reducing their mobility.

It has been scientifically proven that in men smoking close to a pack of cigarettes per day, the probability of impotence is higher by 65 % than in non-smokers.

To protect yourself from sexual dysfunction, invirility and possible infertility, you have to minimize the intake of alcohol and cigarettes smoking. Minute weakness and pleasure can result in long treatment and unpleasant consequences in the future. Nobody says a glass of dry wine would make you impotent, the main thing here would be to consume it in moderation.


Healthy diet and sports

Unhealthy diet, lack of vegetables and fruits in the diet, overeating and abuse of fast food and semi-finished food products can also lead to various sexual dysfunctions and even loss of virility.

According to statistics, men suffering from various degrees of obesity are by 25 times more likely to have sexual vigour issues than those who are not exposed to the issue of excess weight. Also, significant malperfusions and circulatory distress in the genital organs, caused by excessive body weight, were found.

Overeating is also considered to be a bad habit. Excess weight affects the endocrine profile in men, suppressing the production of testosterone, which leads to a significant increase in the fat layer and weight gain.

According to the research of the International Society for Sexual Medicine, two out of three men suffering from obesity had lower blood testosterone level. At the same time, there was a decrease in the level of male hormone, depending on the degree of obesity.

Such dysfunction of the body had an effect on sexual virility in men, weak erection was noted, which was insufficient to perform a sexual intercourse, as well as rapid ejaculation. Among other things, obesity leads to a number of concomitant diseases and affects the work of the body in general – provokes cardiovascular and endocrine disorders.

Obesity develops not only in case of overeating, but also as a result of sedentary lifestyle. Sedentary work, frequent use of a cars instead of hiking have a negative effect on functions in male body.

It has been noted that in men engaged in mental work invirility occurs by 70 % more often than in men whose work is associated with physical activity. Scientists have proven higher effectiveness of physical activity in the fight against erectile dysfunction. This is due to the activation of the function of all organs, saturation of the body with oxygen and improvement of blood supply, as well as major release of male hormones, in particular, testosterone during intense physical activity.



Running, swimming, speed walking, and weight training have a positive effect on sexual vigour, as these sports build up health and improve blood circulation to the genitals, which directly contributes to the increase of sexual function.

To prevent the risk of erectile dysfunction and sexual vigour issues, it is recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle – add more whole foods, vegetables, fruits, greens, lean fish and meat to everyday diet, observe a proper sleep regime, go to the gym, and walk outdoors every day.


Non-drug health improvement

Unfortunately, the modern pace of life exerts a strong pressure on the body, which increasingly needs assistance from the outside. Some of us have no opportunity to go to the gym on a daily basis due to work or long business trips, many find it difficult to observe a diet, some do not have enough time for a good night’s sleep. Yet, all people are united in their desire to stay healthy, strong and active, so that they have enough energy and vitality, and their problems would not accumulate like a snowball.

Over the past 15 years, advances in pivotal and clinical studies of erectile dysfunction have led to the development of several new treatments for erectile and sexual dysfunction with the inclusion of new non-drug preparations.

The main point in the non-drug health improvement is the normalization of the endocrine profile in the body, as well as the improvement of blood supply and blood flow to the reproductive organs.




SCHALI® products helped solve the issue with a non-invasive, safe and effective method of therapy. The use of SCHALI® products in a complex of medical techniques helps normalize the serotonin balance (one of the most important neurotransmitters in the body, which in turn has an effect on the overall endocrine profile), has a general tonic, strengthening, and anti-inflammatory effect.

Awareness and serious attitude to one’s health are the key factors for prevention of the risk of development of erectile dysfunction and penile diseases. Each method is important in its own way, but they can work effectively and provide positive results maintained upon discontinuation of the therapy only as a complex measure. Constant supervision and consultations with the designated physicians – urologist and andrologist – are of the same importance. Understanding and accepting the problem is half the way. The rest depends on your determination on the path to a full and healthy life.

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