A common problem for men that no one wants to talk about
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Statistics for erectile dysfunction
12 Jul 2018

A common problem for men that no one wants to talk about

Fear of sexual incapacity is common for many men of different ages. While difficulties with erection in young men is an accidental and infrequent phenomenon, men after 40 years of age are recommended to undergo regular check-ups with the attending physician even when there are no immediate symptoms.

It should be noted that the strict, almost puritanical upbringing of the older generation was determined by the total ban on discussing sexual life, issues of sexual disorders, and harmonious erotic pleasure. Sexual illiteracy gave rise to a false sense of shame, diffidence and, as a consequence, a decrease in self-esteem and psychological trauma among some men. There is a number of alleged sexual disorders due to poor sexual culture, which lead to real mental disorders due to the distorted ideas about the harmony of sexual relationships.

Over time, information about sexual ailments has become available on the Internet. Internet is literally full of various questionable treatment methods, consultations from unprofessional sexologists and charlatans. It is hard for an uninformed individual to understand the diversity of the proposed means and distinguish between truly valuable and unlearned pieces of advice. While adhering the advice of self-professed sexologists can lead to aggravation of the problem, as well as a complete loss of libido and sexual viability.


The causes of erectile dysfunction

Проблема у мужчин_фото мужчины с табличкой | Академия SCHALI®Practitioners tend to believe that most of the problems caused by sexual dysfunction are not directly related to organic abnormalities. Such psychodependent process as sexual intimacy is associated with a number of physiological and psychological factors of a man’s condition. Sometimes episodic problems with erection are resolved by eliminating psychogenic factors related to imaginary flaws or overstated requirements to their own sexual abilities.

Often, sexual debility and erectile dysfunction can be caused by common reasons:

  • Alcohol or smoking can lead to premature ejaculation. These habits cause vasospasms, increased blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia. Blood flow in the organs worsens and leads to weakened erection
  • Stressful situations or depression caused, among other things, by serotonin imbalance in the body, can lead to decreased libido, early ejaculation, and inability to reach orgasm
  • Excess weight provokes hormonal imbalance and circulatory disorders in men, which has a negative effect on the quality of sexual intercourse and loss of erection
  • Taking medications to treat illnesses or chronic diseases cause biochemical processes affecting male potency and sexual viability

These factors can cause decrement of libido, inability to reach orgasm or perform a full sexual intercourse. Such situations give rise to a gradually increasing anxiety before sexual intercourse, which provokes subsequent failures. There is only one way out of this vicious circle – acknowledge the presence of sexual dysfunction and ask for help.

Consulting a healthcare professional will help determine the causes of sexual dysfunction. Engaging in self-medication or eliminating the symptoms of the disease alone, one risks developing persistent sexual debility and losing a full sexual life. Do not attribute sexual incompetence to working stress, conflicts in the family or drunkenness.


Innovative SCHALI® products

Комплексная терапия импотенции - график эффективности | Академия SCHALI®Discreet and considerate treatment of patients, informing them about the possibilities for resolution of the troubling issues, selecting the most effective means for coping with sexual disorders, and confidentiality are one of the most important tasks for healthcare professionals involved in such delicate field of work. Such programs are available to SCHALI® specialists, directing their efforts at preservation of harmonious human life.

The personalized approach to each patient, thorough examination of the nature of sexual dysfunction and the choice of an optimal set of in-house products aimed at helping with the resolution of reproductive disorders are the special features of techniques developed by our company.

Using our medicinal product in compliance with their methods of administration one can achieve the desired results, including:

  • Normalization of the serotonin balance and stabilization of the endocrine profile
  • Stimulating effect on intracellular metabolic processes of the vascular system
  • Boosting of the fertile function of the germ cells
  • Potentiation of the effects of other medicinal products
  • Psychoemotional rebalance
  • Normalization of patients’ general condition

The use of our products has allowed many patients to regain the lost sexual sensations, reinstate harmonious family relationships, and improve their quality of life significantly.

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