Advanced treatments for erectile dysfunction
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12 Jul 2018
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The cost of treatment for erectile dysfunction
12 Jul 2018

Advanced treatments for erectile dysfunction

Current rhythm of life with constant stressful situations, bad habits, and low physical activity seriously harms modern men, not only in their general well-being, but also in their sexual life. Middle-aged and senior men are increasingly facing problems in their sexual life, complaining of the decrease in sexual desire and the inability to reach an orgasm. The younger generation is increasingly facing this problem, as well.

The inability to perform sexual intercourse due to the lack of erection is hard for men’s self-esteem, causing psychological disorders and depressive states. Going for help to a healthcare professional, man can be sure that comprehensive treatment will help him go back to full sexual lives. However, it is possible to achieve an effect after examination of the patient and identification of the source of the problem.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by the following factors:

  • Hormonal imbalance caused by an endocrine system disorder or excess weight
  • Neurological problems associated with nervous system disorders or prolonged use of antidepressants, anti-allergenics, beta-blockers
  • Vascular diseases, hypertension and atherosclerosis can cause ED due to poor filling of the tissues of the organ with blood
  • Anatomical features of the genitourinary system, congenital or resulting from trauma, lead to the problems with blood filling the genitalia during excitation
  • Psychological pressure from the partner, excessive persistence, lack of a calm environment in the family and at work


First-line therapy

Contemporary and advanced methods of treatment can help each of the listed cases. There are several therapeutic approaches to reversal the disease.


  1. Drug therapy. The widely popularized drugs Sildenafil (Viagra) and Tadalafil (Cialis) are in demand among men trying to solve the erectile problem in the short term not paying attention to the causes of the disease and their elimination. The mechanism of action of these drugs is based on an increase in the concentration of nitric oxide in the cavernous bodies of the penis, due to which their walls become relaxed and become filled with blood, which leads to an erection. The medicinal product is taken immediately before an intercourse, acts briefly and has a number of side effects: headache, dizziness, dyspepsia, myalgia. In combination with alcoholic beverages, negative effects on the body become more severe.
  2. Vacuum treatment. The use of vacuum mechanical devices immediately before sexual intimacy allows achieving the erection of the genitalia by pumping blood to the penis and maintaining the condition with a ring attached to the base. The state of the erection in such process is non-physiological and is used as a type of symptomatic therapy. However, some men complain of pain, bruising and decreased sensitivity. This method is suitable for older patients with infrequent intercourses and suffering from concomitant diseases.
  3. 1. Shockwave therapy. This innovative approach is based on the stimulating effect of acoustic waves on the blood vessels, contributing to the normalization of the mechanism of erection and providing short-term clinical and physiological effects on erectile function. Healthcare professionals state the acoustic therapy has no side effects, it allows achieving valid results in the treatment of ED, but the lack of reliable clinical data imposes restrictions on recommendations for its use.


Second-line therapy


In the absence of valid results with the use of the first-line therapy, it is advisable to consider using intracavernous injections of several groups of drugs directly into the cavernous bodies of the penis. In cases of intraurethral administration, special soluble capsules containing prostaglandins are administered into the urethra.

The administration of vasoactive drugs directly into the cavernous body of the penis provides approx. 65-70 % effectiveness of treatment. Alprostadil remains the most efficient medicinal product, inducing erection in 10-15 minutes upon its administration. Side effects of this treatment include pain in the penis, prolonged erection, priapism, and fibrosis.


Third-line therapy

The ineffectiveness of the second-line drug therapy forces healthcare professionals to consider the possibility of a surgical solution to the issue – the implantation of penile implants. This therapy is most efficient for young men with local occlusion of one or more arteries of the penis, resulting from trauma. In older patients due to atherosclerotic lesions of the arteries, the effectiveness of the surgical intervention is not obvious, and a positive result can be short-lived.

Reparative surgical procedures include dorsal ligation of the veins, implantation of dense implant materials and air balloons into cavernous bodies.


New methods

Sometimes the listed therapeutic methods do not lead to full recovery. Some of them have a short-term effect, others have serious side effects. In order to improve the erectile function, comprehensive action on all links of its pathogenesis is needed, contributing to the recovery of physiological erection. The patient should understand that a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, avoidance of smoking and alcohol in combination with properly chosen drugs will achieve the desired result.

SCHALI® medicinal products are recommended both in combination with traditional medicine and within the framework of SCHALI® Personal Pharma programme.

The products’ action is aimed at enhancement of metabolic energy responses at the cellular level, which in combination with traditional therapy reduces the symptoms of the disease, reduces the duration of treatment, ensures the maximum effect of the drugs on the cause of disorders in the body.


SCHALI® medical techniques have a number of advantages among other medicinal products:

  • have a tonic and anti-inflammatory effect,
  • have a stimulating effect on the intracellular metabolic processes and blood circulation, improving the state of blood vessels,
  • normalize the serotonin balance and the general endocrine profile,
  • reinforce spermatogenesis and activate the fertile function of the germ cells,
  • contribute to recovery of the general psychological and emotional state, improve the quality of sexual life, and reduce the manifestations of the sexual performance anxiety syndrome,
  • intended for everyday use in order to maintain reproductive function without side effects.

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction, the company’s professionals will choose the most effective personalized program taking into account the age, the stage of the disease, and examination findings.

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